The Troll Has Backfired

fap Pokémon professor oak rage comic rapidash the internets troll - 6206836992
Via balddumborat

Professor Troll

anime professor oak troll tv-movies - 6421796096
Created by alpacamybooks

Haunter Just Trolled

awesome derp haunter troll tv-movies tv show u mad - 5202758400
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Problem, 4Kids?

4kids best of week brock problem rice ball troll tv-movies - 5175687680
Created by F-86_Sabre


pokeball troll voltorb - 4875772160
See all captions Created by Req_HD

Troll Trainer

gameplay trainer troll - 6273519872
Created by Unknown

Going Somewhere?

best of week cave Memes never ends repel troll zubat - 5506912256
Created by 5o4b0i

Always Gonna Stop Ya

gameplay old man troll trolololololo - 6276436992
Created by Unknown

If Pokémon Was Like Skyrim

awesome best of week crossover machoke Pokémon Skyrim troll - 5814041088
Created by Unknown

That's Such a Cool Bike

bicycle gameplay troll - 6150597120
Created by DiscoRoboChef

I Wish I Could A+B+Start+Select My Life Right Now

best of week Pokémon Rage Comics troll u mad - 5710007040
Created by Unknown

Professor Troll: I Only Have This Pikachu

anime ash pikachu professor oak starters troll tv-movies - 5167792640

Zu Mad?

catch pokeball rage troll zubat - 4878646784
Created by harryl

The Original 190

151 gameplay gen 1 ho-oh troll - 5854136320
Created by vaporeon22

I've Never Dealt With Her Crap

nurse joy pokemon center rage comic Rage Comics troll - 5987796992
Created by IzKitty

Pokémon - Troll Version

best of week fuuuu gameplay no troll where did you come from yes - 5426088192
Created by Unknown
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