That Was Cruel, Raul

pokemon memes f you too raul
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The Best Reason to Buy a 2DS

Pokémon 2DS trading - 7770771456

Trading Generations

gifs trading pokemanz - 6981300736

Move Over GTS There's a New King of Crappy Trades

wtf GTS TCG legendaries trading - 7362301696
Created by The_Pudge

Meanwhile, on the GTS...

nicknames trading - 8082059264
Created by ninjawesome

This Doesn't Work, Please Stop

pokemon, stahp,
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Go Home, Jin. You're Drunk.

Pokémon GTS binacle trading - 8400496640
Created by tomensnaben

Well Played, Daniel

pokemon memes kadabra alakazam trade text
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But is it a Shiny?

chat funny Omegle trading - 7924606976

You Cheeky Fellow!

Pokémon alakazam trading texting - 8447820032
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I Could Never Catch 'Em All

catch em all forever alone link cable meme Memes trading - 6459529984

And With Specific Items...

confession teddiursa Evolve Memes trading - 6472872192

PokéClassic: Scumbag Mindy

Pokémon trolling trading classic - 8399591424
Via lax4

Never Again Human Contact

evolution forever alone gameplay GTS link cable trading - 6369138688

The GTS is So Annoying

annoying gameplay GTS legendaries reshiram trading - 6260770816

It's Traveling THROUGH the Cord?!

awesome link cable Memes old school pokeball trading - 5869050112
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