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Poképark was real and looked awesome! The theme park featured twelve Pokémon-themed attractions, and was open between March 18, 2005, and September 25, 2005, in Japan, and from June 23, 2006, to September 24, 2006, in Taiwan. There was a talk of it coming to Virginia in 2008, but was just a rumor.

Attractions: -Pokémon Ferris Wheel -Dancing Pokémon Mini-tour -Lugia's Spinning Ship -Altomare Sightseeing Boat -Battle Coaster Torn Sky -Pokémon Merry-go-round -Pokémon Starry Sky Trip -Pikachu's Forest -Team Aqua vs Team Magma Crash Car Battle -Mudkip's Splash Adventure -Pichu Bros.' Rascal Railway -Pokémon Exciting Safari -Pokémon Floating Kids -Pokémon Daisuki Club Stage -Pokémon Game Corner -Pokémon 3D Adventure -Walkthrough Adventure -Safari Zone Explosion

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Hey Pokémemers, tell me how you think the next generation Pokémon game should play. I would LOOOOOVVVEEEE a Pokémon MMO published by Nintendo. I can dream, can't I...

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All of the answers are names of Ice-type pokemon, either legendary or in their highest (or only) evolutionary form.


  1. A wily Dark pokemon that hunts in packs. It slices with its wicked claws.

  2. A legendary Dragon that fell to Earth in a meteorite, according to Unova legends.

  3. A large blue pokemon known for ferrying people across the waters of Kanto.

  4. A walrus-like pokemon that hails from Hoenn. It is blue and white.

  5. A snowflake-like pokemon that attacks by whipping its icy chains.

  6. A penguin-like pokemon that stores food in its tail.

  7. A large brown pokemon with giant tusks. In the anime, Dawn has one.


  1. A large Grass type from Sinnoh, where it is known as the Abominable Snowman.

  2. A ghostly pokemon that is always female. It evolved using a Dawn Stone.

  3. A strange pokemon that resembles a double-scoop ice cream cone.

  4. A legendary bird of Kanto that causes snow to fall wherever it flies.

  5. A Psychic type that puts opponents to sleep with a kiss.

  6. A round pokemon with black spikes for horns. It can float and manipulate ice.

  7. Eevee evolves into this pokemon when you level it up near an ice-covered rock.

  8. A legendary golem of Hoenn. It cannot melt, even if it is submerged in hot magma.

  9. This bivalve with a spiky shell was evolved using a Water Stone.

  10. A large ursine pokemon that makes fangs and claws out of ice by freezing air.

  11. A pure white pokemon with a flowing tail. It bashes icebergs apart with its horn.