alakazam chansey defensive wall meme Memes substitute - 5801490688
Created by Unknown

Great Use of Substitute

Pokémon school Plushie substitute - 6989793536
Created by AlexYurian

Goomy Used Substitute

pokemon memes goomy substitute
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Professor Oak is No Substitute

fathers day substitute forever alone professor oak - 4888527872
Created by Unknown

Feel the Wrath of Subseed Whimsicott

Pokémon whimsicott substitute - 8137740032
Created by MaverickHunterX

Diglett Wednesday: Acquires Choice Specs

back to school comic diglett wednesday substitute - 5175319296
Created by Unknown

The Best Part of the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct

Pokémon Nintendo Direct substitute - 8139780352
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The Teacher Will Never Notice

pokemon memes substitute at school
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Pokémon Drawn in the Style of Substitute

Pokémon art cute substitute - 8398630912
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Furreted Away

pickup furret substitute - 8431712512
Created by FatherofGray ( Via salvicorn )

I Forgot to Study, Better Use Substitute!

pokemon memes substitute test

Love is Sacrificing 1/4 Your HP to Make Someone Happy

pokemon, web comics, greninja, feels,
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Hug Rejection

cute hugs greninja substitute - 8441005824
Created by Luchabro