Grass Type: It's Like the Switzerland of Starter Pokémon

bulbasaur forever alone grass starter - 4892903424
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Because if We Get Another Fire/Fighting Type...

fennekin art starter sacrifice firefighting arceus - 7015072512
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The Best Kind of Pokéception

charmander pikachu squirtle starter - 4962586624
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The Most Anticipated Pokémon Game EVAR!

best of week bidoof Pokémon starter toys-games - 5384418816
Created by Zwood24513

Forever a Starter

bulbasaur charmander cry Sad squirtle starter the internets - 6247841792
Created by Unknown

These May or May Not Be Sponges...

art gen I IRL starter - 5121106688
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Starters Over the Generations

Evolve starter type - 5122686464
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Pokémon PSA: Choose Your Starter Wisely

art choose wisely psa starter - 5423618304
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Happens in a Blaze

oh god starter the internets - 6195486720
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comic squirtle starter type - 5087718144
Created by thecheesemaster55