What Did You Expect From a Fire Fighter?

Pokémon squirtle - 8169656320
By Houndoom-Kaboom

Water Starters: So Cool

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By Unknown

Pretty Please or I'LL USE HYDRO PUMP

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By Unknown

Be Free Butterfree!

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Don't Mess With the Cannons

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Close Enough

IRL Deal With It squirtle - 8281094400
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Can't Beat the Classics

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Via shieldcharm

The Creepiest Battle

Battle best of week miltank Pokémemes squirtle - 6287275264
By Unknown

They Grow Up So Fast

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By Unknown

Looped Pokémon Battle

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Long Day in the Office, but You Just Ben & Jerry's About It

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Squirtle Squad

pokemon memes squirtle squad pumpkin
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Squirtleneck Sweater

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By Furrama (Via furrama)

Squirtle Wants You to Use Recycle

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By Unknown

Meanwhile, at the Daycare

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Teenage Mutant Art Project Squirtle

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By Unknown