It Was Super Hilarious!

gameplay meme Memes mew splash - 6029078272
Created by marchingqueen

Splash is an Underrated Move

bidoof gyarados splash the internets - 6252099840

Getting Tired of your Crap, Professor!

anime magikarp gifs splash - 8220624640
Created by Gabo2oo

Wicked Effective

magikarp splash super effective - 6578044928
Created by Darcuta

Magikarp and the Feebas

gifs splash - 6602412544
Via seedatart

Poor Magikarp

magikarp splash stab - 8282881280
Created by 29nousername

Gyarados Used Splash. Run!

attack Fan Art gyarados splash - 4994219264
Created by Derek.ichc

Pokemon IRL

IRL spearow splash - 5165271552
Created by Chesu

But Nothing Happened

IRL magikarp post its SOON splash - 5797743872
Created by Uncia-chan

When Kanto is in Ashes, You Have Permission to Black Out

magikarp splash the dark knight - 7101851392
Via Jarhed121
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