You Know Your Cooking is Bad When Snorlax Won't Eat It

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When You Victoriously Wake Your Friend up From Their Afternoon Nap

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The Inside of a Pokéball

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Pokémon IRL: Viva la Evolucion!

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Are You Sure You Don't Regret That?

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It's Funny Because it's True

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Flute, You Fools

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Snorloaf is Way Cuter Than Any Catloaf

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I Don't Need to Leave, I'll Just Order Another Pizza

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Just Don't Look in the Mirror

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Gimme the Flute, Professor

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How Am I Gonna Get Past This?

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1 and 2 and Back to Bed

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Brock Used Hyper Beam, It Was Super Effective

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Snorloko's Bout to Burn the House Down

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The Pokémon Equivalent of Cyclops

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