Condescending Grimsley

elite four meme Memes smogon - 6128285696
Created by Omega74

Screw Gen IV Smogon

smogon metagame drizzle competitive drought - 7013462528
Created by Sentret ( Via ProfessorShroomish )
smogon Pokémon Video - 62364929

Why Smogon Rules Are Stupid

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The Banned Lands

gengar mewtwo smogon - 8248543232
Created by John_FLARE

You Can't Spell Pokémon Without Emo

competitive emo smogon the internets - 6455978752
Created by Unknown

Game Freak Broke Ubers! Mega Rayquaza Banned

smogon battling banned mega rayquaza - 8389413376
Created by Karxrida ( Via Smogon )
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