Every Single Time

asleep jigglypuff rage comic Rage Comics school sing - 6436088064
By darkcruzman

Why Didn't the Trainers Fall Asleep?

anime Battle beedrill best of week comic sing trainers - 5921651456
By TheBrinz

Use Sing! Then Doubleslap!

Funny exchange on Omegle that ends with one of the strangers making an ASCII artwork of Pokemon
By Fix

Jigglypuff Used Sing! It Was Super Effective!

jigglypuff sing super effective - 6791612672
By sness107

Arceus Help Us, It Worked!

jigglypuff Rage Comics sing sleep - 5551555584
By Comrade_N
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Jigglypuff's Song - American Idol

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Going Back to Kanto Can Be a Pain

Memes misty lapras sing - 7340546304
By Unknown

Why So Serious, Pokéman?

art crossover jigglypuff joker sing - 5155845376
By Unknown

Where's the Marker?

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By Pikachizu

She Looked Like She Was Asleep

asleep drawing jigglypuff mona lisa sing - 6580492544
By Unknown