Took Me This Long to Realize

gameplay rival silver - 6399986432
Created by Unknown

Still Better Than Justin Bieber's Version

gold justin bieber silver Pokémon platinum - 7335324416
Created by Neverraptor

Scumbag Silver

rival scumbag silver weak - 6489443584
Created by DragonRoyal

Silver's Secret

silver tumblr - 7979954432
Created by tonton_omnom

Come On! Gold and Silver...

Chikorita gen 2 gold meme Memes silver slowpoke - 6119973120
See all captions Created by OshawottsRule95

Good Guy Pokémon Gold and Silver

silver Pokémon gold - 7802284288
Created by Unknown

How He Got Away With It

comic officer jenny rival silver - 6488842240
Created by Unknown

And I Dont Love You...

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Created by PkmnTrainerDUSCHI