I Feel Bad For You

hoothoot Pokémon shinies - 8400391168
Via StormyAsks

Warrior Zubat

zubat shinies - 7561471488
Created by Benjamminleft

Shiny Maiden Giratina

Pokémon shinies giratina fabulous - 8427252992
Created by Madoka_Kaname
ho-oh Pokémon shinies Video - 66939649

The Intensity is Palpable as a Shiny Ho-Oh Struggles Itself to Death

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Get Inside the Ball!!!

safari zone gifs shinies chansey - 7747088896
Created by HeroiAmarelo ( Via Smeargle The Painter )

Finding Shinies in X&Y

Pokémon shinies - 7872838656
Created by Unknown

If Only Getting a Shiny Was This Easy!

Pokémon shinies - 8292979968
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You Take Action When the Opportunity Rises

mew Pokémon shinies web comics - 8330334464
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Kill Me Now

Pokémon ORAS shinies - 8388627200
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via houndoom-kaboom )

I Knew They Forgot Something...

charizard super smash bros shinies - 8337934848
Created by NintenisIrrelevant

Always Carry Quick Balls

Sad Pokémon shinies - 8362221824
Via Corabal

Magikarp is God

magikarp shinies arceus - 7564612352
Created by DineshThePoet

Try Not to Cry

feels eevee tears shinies sylveon - 8326451456
Created by Woopar
magikarp anime shinies - 55081473

Suddenly, a Shiny Magikarp

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Really? I Just Want a Shiny!

shinies pokemon problems pokerus First World Problems - 7548130560
Created by Poketendo

How am I Supposed to Show This Off?

lotad shinies bad luck brian Memes - 8299690752
Created by Megamean09