seems legit

Elesa, Burgh, and... Burgh?

gameplay seems legit wtf - 7326307328
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This is Going Too Far!

wtf seems legit - 8136817152

Advanced Copy of Omega Ruby

swag seems legit omega ruby - 8192676096
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Seems Legit Battle Camp

facebook seems legit ripoff - 8124443904
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Feel Better, Dude

pokemon memes will you give it an apple
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Wonder What Type It Specializes In?

best of week gym IRL seems legit - 5363158272
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Coincidence? I Think Not!

parody seems legit - 8601779200
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Makes Sense To Me

Memes Pokémon seems legit serious strategy - 5719886336
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Rocket Logic

gameplay seems legit Team Rocket - 5754043136
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Seems Legit

digimon, disc, pokemon, wtf, seems legit,
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You Should Use the Berry Right Away to Snap Out of Confusion

persim berry dream world seems legit - 7011259648
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This Appears to Be Legitimate

Pokémon Team Rocket anime seems legit - 8246436864
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Pikachu Needs a Bath

IRL pikachu seems legit - 7101502208
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Seems Legit

best of week Pokémon ripoff seems legit the internets - 6330092288
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Seems Legit: MOAR GUNS

anime banned guns Pokémon seems legit tv-movies wtf - 5637104128
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Dat Border

gameplay hiding seems legit - 5606902016
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