Attack on Onix

pokemon origins gifs anime scyther onix - 7832680448
Created by Sosuke
scyther Video flying hitler - 73346049

Hitler Learns Scyther Can't Fly

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fly golurk Okay Sad scyther the internets - 6134155776
Created by Unknown

Will Pokémon-Amie Have This Problem?

Pokémon art scyther - 7607455744
Via FluffySquirrel

Poor Scyther

fly munchlax scyther - 7124760576
Created by Maturin

Before the Pokéball

comic pokeball scyther tall grass - 5716194048
Created by wardmart
Pokémon videos beedrill scyther - 49622529

Need a Hand?

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New Fire/Steel Scyther Form

Via loganparker420

Is this Gen VI?

IRL scyther bird pidgey - 6749280512
Created by Guilherme.didi

Doduo Copter

best of week dafuq doduo Memes scyther - 5385844480
Created by LeePoke

The Difference in Sprites Between Pokémon Gold and Silver

Pokémon scyther pokemon silver - 8421977088
Via gnarlyblackkidblogs
metal Pokémon charizard scyther Video - 69174273

Charizard and Scyther Learn Metal Sound

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Scyther Dun Goofed

meme Memes scyther - 5382691840
Created by Unknown

Edward Scyther Hands

comic Movie scyther the feels - 6432452864
Created by Touricorp

Gentleman Scyther is Gentlemanly

Fan Art scyther sir - 8313568000
Created by ausfer ( Via auspher79 )

Scyther Is Cute

art cute scyther - 5645898240
Created by Unknown
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