Nobody Can Refuse a Trainer Battle

awesome charizard epic IRL school trainer battle tyranitar - 5733196288
Created by Spazlicious

Great Use of Substitute

Pokémon school Plushie substitute - 6989793536
Created by AlexYurian

How to Pass a Test Without Studying

school gifs - 7101664512
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A Pokémon Master's True Dream

art best of week dream pokemon master school - 5918119424
Created by Grownupperson

Studying is Like Being a Magikarp

studying school magikarp gifs - 7420610816
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This Proves Everyone Has Massive Potential

gyarados school magikarp potential - 7061967360
Created by Lucky810

Stop Saying Pokégaymon!

cool gay kids Memes Pokémon school They Said - 6184545792
Created by Unknown

My School Sucks...

Pokémon school confused - 6871377408
Created by bladesofwoe

A Wild Assignment Appeared

homework school Battle - 6681439232
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No Other Kid Was Ever as Free as That Dude

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To be a Pokemon Master, You Must Complete Your Bachelors

biology gen 5 school - 8317940224
Created by InfinitySlayer

Remember This As You Start the New School Year

pokemon memes gyarados potential

We're Gonna Run This Class

pokemon memes team rocket same class

Why Can't My School Be This Awesome?

school IRL professor oak - 7153244928
Created by Unknown

The Perfect Way to Play Pokémon at School

Pokémon school - 7892495872
Created by Unknown

Favorite Building on Campus

ash ketchum Pokémon school IRL - 7809888000
Created by Unknown
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