Never Picked Up My Game Again

Text - ECOMRCR Exploring Ruins of Alph, whe.. oooo NMOND PI !M aPpeared Then another... and another... NMONN PIIM NMONN PI!M appeared aPpeare
Created by Unknown

Save Me...

omg scary wtf yamask - 6591628800
Created by Unknown

A Legit Pokémon GO Horror Story

Via Bluestar12
lavender town Video Music scary halloween - 43649281

All Lavender Town Themes

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A Wild Volcarona Appears!

IRL scary volcarona - 6334248448
Created by Lord_Clure
nightmare fuel Pokémon scary - 1318149

Pokemon Fan Art Nightmare Fuel

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Greetings from Drifloon

scary Pokémon wtf art comics drifloon funny - 7485320704
Created by heisei24 ( Via SheezyArt )

The Bane of All Trainers

annoying fusion scary the internets - 6072438016
Created by OmnimonZX

Poor Pikachu

pikachu Sad scary IRL - 6654869760
Created by jtcaseley1

More Adorable Than it Should Be

scary eevee eeveelution - 6847760896
Via vaporotem

I'll Never See Dream World the Same

scary gifs dreams - 6788377344
Created by Unknown

You So Silly

scary snorlax Death - 6889917184
Created by JKLogc

... Crap

lavender town Mismagius Music scary - 6578600960
Created by LyseljusLeps

Cut My Life Into Pieces

Music scary - 5423449600
Created by DoctorXatu
creepy Pokémon scary videos espurr - 56887041

Encountering Espurr is the Scariest Thing Ever

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The Zusey Cave is Full of Nightmares

scary Pokémon zubat pokemon logic chansey - 8805903616
Created by Vic_ ( Via jejihu )
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