Pokémon October - Fake Red

scary Pokémon creepy - 7831700480
Created by Sosuke

The Human Scolipede

crossover Movie scary scolipede - 5398565632
Created by Cas42

Two Fantastic Pokémon Ruined Forever

scary Pokémon pokemon fusions ninetales marowak - 7548117248
Via lexxercise

More Adorable Than it Should Be

scary eevee eeveelution - 6847760896
Via vaporotem

Poor Pikachu

pikachu Sad scary IRL - 6654869760
Created by jtcaseley1

You So Silly

scary snorlax Death - 6889917184
Created by JKLogc

Fairy Types Horror

scary sylveon fairy types - 8460688896
Created by EmilyDoesStuff

Greetings from Drifloon

scary Pokémon wtf art comics drifloon funny - 7485320704
Created by heisei24 ( Via SheezyArt )

Cut My Life Into Pieces

Music scary - 5423449600
Created by DoctorXatu

A Legit Pokémon GO Horror Story

Via Bluestar12

No Sleep Tonight

scary gifs gengar nightmares - 6984032000
Via TumblingWithStyle

I Gotta Change My Pants

scary IRL groudon reality - 6819258112
Created by Unknown

U Wana Fite?

costume scary ORAS pikachu - 8386222592
Via pumpkaju

Diglett Wednesday: A Wild Diglett Appears!

diglett diglett wednesday Memes photobomb scary - 5993650944
Created by MewMewMewtwo

Made in Lavender Town

ghosts lavender town Memes scary silph scope - 5854992384
Created by Unknown

Why I'm Scared of Kadabra

comic kadabra pokedex scary - 5992496128
Created by Nidorina
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