A Pastor Named Creflo Dollar Blames Pokémon for Turning Kids Gay

pokemon memes pastor claims pokemon makes kids gay
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Pastor Says the Devil Is Stronger than Ever and That Kids Everywhere Playing Pokémon GO Are Being Possessed by Demons

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He Lost One Too Many Battles

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Watch This Video and Why People Thought Pokémon Caused Satanism

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Just Praise the Pokélord

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And You Thought Your Mom Was Crazy...

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One of the Three Kings Brought a Miracle Seed

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Evidence That Turning the Pokémon Theme Into a Song About Jesus is an Awful Idea

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All Hail Arceus

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A Religious Poem With a Pokémon Twist

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Have You Accepted Arceus Into Your Heart?

pokemon memes here i am accepting arceus
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To Unite All Peoples With Divination

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Pidgey Brought the Olive Branch

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See all captions Created by captainspadevatore
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This Man Really Needs to Accept Arceus Into His Heart

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The Church Find This Onix-ceptable

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The Meaning of Life Would Have Been Obvious

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