The Ultimate Weapon

Pokémon rattata - 7946798080
Created by Unknown

Let's Hope it's a Pre-Evolution of Those Three

new pokemon evolution annoying zubat rattata tentacool - 7302491904
Created by Unknown

Joey's Rattata Is Top Percentage

meme Memes Occupy Wall Street rattata The 1 Percent top percentage - 5411323648
Created by Haxasaurous

Joey Challenge Problems

ghost types youngster joey joey challenge rattata - 7110267904
Created by RisGrestarSFX

Rattata Will Walk if Off, No Problem

Pokémon kecleon rattata - 8427633152
Via Purple Kecleon

That Percentage... You MUST Know About It!

youngster joey top percentage rattata - 7703556864
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom

Should’ve Not Used That Master Ball on Rattata

rattata Memes - 8548991488
Created by sness107 ( Via sness107 )

Joey Blingee'd Out Rattata

blingee rattata the internets top percentage youngster joey - 6476069888
Via planders

It Even Knows Bite!

art rattata sign Team Rocket - 6230276608
Created by Unknown

Keep Calm and Evolve

gifs raticate rattata - 8126189824
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via Shelzie )

Rattata Family Reunion

dorkly Pokémon rattata web comics - 8096353536
Via Dorkly

Pokémon Series Finale

Battle rattata Team Rocket the internets trainer battle zubats - 6131513088
Created by Unknown

Ratilocke Challenge

raticate rattata Nuzlocke Challenge Rage Comics - 6796993024
Created by .Rumor

Why Do They Always Flee?

Stranger open on Omegle with a Pokemon declaration, other stranger flees.
Created by rathecat


art rattata the internets - 6184891392
Created by Unknown

He Has the Skills and He Will Kill You

taken Pokémon top percentage rattata Memes funny - 7461075968
Created by Mightofpanda
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