pokemon variations

What If Cross Breeding Made Pokémon Look Different?

pokemon memes crossbred chikorita variations
Via too-much-green

These Escavalier are Ready for a Fight

pokemon memes escavalier variations
Via gameshrimp

Damn Crustle, You Tasty

pokemon memes crustle variations lasagne
Via iekun

Mixed Breed Tepig

pokemon memes tepig breeding variations
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Mighty Fancy Sarcophaguses

pokemon memes cofagrigus
Via norimaki-563

Houndoom Variations Based Off "Dangerous Dog Breeds"

houndoom Fan Art pokemon variations - 8464777728
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via groldergoat )

Why Would You Ever Evolve an Eevee If You Could Have Variations Like These?

pokemon memes eevee variations
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Even Magikarp Can Look Cool When Bred With Other Pokémon

pokemon memes magikarp variations
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Rayquaza Variations Based on Mythology

rayquaza pokemon variations - 8462464000
Created by Luchabro

Gastrodon Variations by Location

pokemon memes gastrodon variations
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Vanillite Variations

vanillite pokemon variations - 8467089408
Created by Unknown

Cofagrigus Umbreon Fusion

cofagrigus umbreon pokemon variations - 8528141568
Via mdbruinart

Mixed Breed Archen

pokemon memes archen variations
Via timefortigers

Some Seriously Kawaii Ivysaur Variations

ivysaur Fan Art pokemon variations - 8468265472
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via ohnogangsters )

Herd You Like Mudkipz

pokemon memes mudkip variations
Via herthatdraws

Skiddo + Absol = Harbinger of Death

pokemon memes skiddo variations
Via dingydingy
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