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It's Always Been Our Dream

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By The.Scientist
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The Pokémon Theme in 15 Different Languages

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The Power That's Inside

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By Unknown

The Most Interesting Trainer

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By natetheninja23
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Epic Cover of the Pokémon Theme

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Random Pokémon Fans Asked to Sing Pokémon Theme Song on the Spot!

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Love Is Overrated

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Via Microseed
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Please Be My Best "More Than" Friend

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Korean Kindergarten Singing the Pokémon Theme

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Gotta Play 'Em All

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You ARE the Very Best

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Gotta Catch 'Em All

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By Unknown
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Thatched Roof Pokéhouses!!!

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Full 8-bit Intro of the Original Pokémon Theme

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Not Even Steelix Has This Much Metal

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You Know You Sang It

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By Mattyos (Via legacy-cdn.smosh.com)