When You Compliment Haunter on His Creeping Skills

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Look At Them!

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The Real Batman

batman Pokémans Reframe swadloon zubat - 5042609152
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This Was No Pun

I see what you did there mew Pokémans pun - 5567982848
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The Circle of Life

disney infernape lion king luxray Pokémans shinx - 5058740736
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Dude, Was it Effective?

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The Elite Four

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More Than an Awesome Pokémon

gift mewtwo Pokémans quote - 5862436864
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They Are Not All Called PIKACHU! And It's Pokémon, Not Man!

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1-151 in 1:30

gen I gifs original Pokémans - 5020635136
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I'd Rather Have Mr. Mime

male mr-mime Pokémans - 5584640512
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Midkip Liek You

mudkip Pokémans russia - 5100140800
By MetaFruit

Makes A Lot Of Sense Actually...

patrick star poke ball Pokémans - 4963793664
By AceTF12

DAFUQ: Dragon Types

best of week charizard dafuq dragon dragon types Pokémans - 5308149248
By cyanhydric

A Challenger Appears

defense harden kakuna metapod Pokémans - 4972380160
By Unknown

Mighty Morphin' Eevee

eevee evolution Pokémans stone type - 5118291200
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