Thinking Too Hard With Pokémon...

Pokémon Memes philosoraptor - 7883385088
By Unknown

You Can Cut Trees...

cut Memes philosoraptor trees - 5212541696
By Carceris

Can't Tell If Eyes Opened or Closed

brock cant tell meme Memes philosoraptor - 5122000384
See all captions By DraGonflY_27z

No Wonder Hyper Beam Is teh Hax

hyper beam meme Memes philosoraptor - 5144894976
By Yokuyin

Philosoraptor Only Watches the First Season Now

meme Memes philosoraptor pikachu - 5422527488
By Whiteoverblue

I'd Choose the Second Option

1st gen best of week meme Memes mew mewtwo philosoraptor - 5205850368
By Unknown

Mega Questions

Pokémon digimon Memes philosoraptor - 7780806144
By Unknown

Philosoraptor: A Ditto By Any Other Name

breeding ditto Memes philosoraptor Pokémon - 5267406336
By RatchetV (Via memegenerator.net)

Philosoraptor: How Does That Work?

magnemite magneton meme Memes philosoraptor weight - 5301841920
By Scottahemi

How Dittos Are Made

breeding ditto meme Memes mew philosoraptor - 5294783488
By Zumini

You Can Have It

evolution meme Memes philosoraptor slowbro trainer problems - 6391069184
By Unknown

Philosoarcheops: Gotta Nom 'Em All!

meme Memes philosoarcheops philosoraptor pokedex - 5648613120
See all captions By m.K-BOOM