Does This Look Like the Face of Mercy?

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I Know That Feel

comic i know that feel oddish plants shroomish - 5647781632
Created by Blackcat8743

Just a Little Irritated...

camerupt comic oddish razor leaf - 5694022400
Created by Conman_Stan

Dude, Was it Effective?

acid drugs oddish Pokémans - 5036120832
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But Oddish Has No Thumbs

charizard oddish Pokémans - 5098921472
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At Least It Isn't Vile

pokemon memes oddish fetish
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Super Effective!

oddish wooper comic - 6708045568
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Vampire Oddish

combination fusion Memes oddish vampire - 5123863296
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Music oddish Pokémon Video - 34264321

Onixly, That Was Awesome

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Odd A Sketch

art awesome oddish - 5564011264
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Did You Just Say You Don't Like Pokémon?!

lickitung machop oddish - 4969702400
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It All Makes Sense Now!

gloom oddish weed - 8752062208
Created by ArkenFlare