Perfect Pose!

apples comic oak pikachu Pokémon pokemon snap wtf - 5420294144
Created by ferretcat24 ( Via Mare Odomo )

Blue Oak: Who's the Better Trainer?

blue gary oak rival - 4982554880
Created by ImNotFunAtParties

Oak Finally Remembers His Grandson's Name

meme Memes oak Pokémemes - 6099828992
Created by Unknown

Generation Zero

awesome best of week gameplay oak pokedex - 5598550528
Created by JokersWoman

Stop Asking Me!

Memes oak please professor oak - 5406352128
See all captions Created by BigBBQ

Ash Shows His Bayleef to Oak

ash IRL literal oak - 5808760576
Created by maurilio

Oh, and What Was My Grandchild's Name?

boy or girl gary gramps oak questions - 4871925248
Created by iBrahim


comic oak poker face thanks - 5260011264
Created by bramblestar129

Old Man Is the Slowking

gameplay oak old man - 5454580992
Created by joeljoel321

Tired of the Whining

gameplay oak rival starters - 5596418048
Created by Porygon_D

As if Brocks and Misty Weren't Enough

ash brock meme Memes oak - 5686526976
Created by VertigoRules

Annoying Oak: Always Wants the Type Advantage

Annoying Childhood Friend gary oak Memes oak type advantage - 5167071232
Created by Timpa70

Diglett Wednesday: Diglamp

art diglett wednesday IRL lamp oak wednesday - 5262439424
Created by paulespoz