Well, It Looks Like We Missed a Massive Mystery Monster Moment in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

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Playing Pokémon X/Y? Don't Save in Lumiose City!

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The Classic Pokémon Can Transform Into Something New Altogether in Pokémon Sun and Moon!

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Cannot Unsee

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Nintendo President Confused After Poor Switch Reception

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The 3DS is a Fantastic Console

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This Artist's Collection of Pokémon in Their Evolved Hoodies Is so Adorable It Hurts

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When Nintendo Worlds Collide

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Keep up on That Hustle, Man

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If You're Worried That the Wii U Sales Will Destroy Nintendo, Then Read This.

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Looks Like They Lost Their Minds

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Patience, My Children

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Who's Copying Who Now?

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My Pockets Are Filled With Nostalgic Gold

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It's So Simple Game Freak

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