Peach John Took It Too Far With Their New Creepy Line of Plush Pokémon Lingerie

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How to Make Wii U the Best Selling Console of All Time

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Four New Pokémon Revealed in Latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer

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Not Announced Does Not Equal Does Not Exist

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You Should Stop Using So Many Repels

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Nintendo Cornered the Handheld Market a Long Time Ago

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How to Make the Wii U Print Money

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Pokémon Bank Release Postponed After This Week's eShop Fail

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You Can't Rush GREATNESS

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Pokémon: The Legend of Zelda

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Patience, My Children

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The True Horror of the Pokémon Daycare...

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Spongebob Squarepants v Pokémon GO Video Perfectly Captures the Excitement of Stomping Round the Neighborhood All Night to Catch 'Em All

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I Prefer The Grapes of Poliwrath

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Nintendo President Confused After Poor Switch Reception

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