The Pokémon Company is Working on a Detective Game With Pikachu

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Via Serebii

Happy 15th Anniversary Pokémon Red and Blue!

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By Unknown

What Do You Guys Think?

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By Luchabro

You Were the Very Best!

Champion IRL news Pokémon poop - 5972524288
By Azeruth42 (Via MSN)

CoroCoro Scans Reveals New Mega and Contest Info

Pokémon news mega evolutions corocoro Video Game Coverage - 8281631232
By YakuzaDuragon (Via Serebii)
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Pokémon X&Y: Xerneas & Yveltal Gameplay (Pokémon Smash!)

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New Corocoro Reveals Mega Evolutions!

Pokémon news Video Game Coverage corocoro - 7726305792
By Unknown
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These Are Your Official Starter Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Moon!

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Who's that Poké... Wait, Who's That?

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By DineshThePoet

Not London?

Canada IRL news riot slowpoke - 5068391424
By Unknown

We Can All Rest Easy Now

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By Hylian_Sora (Via Giant Bomb)

Training Well

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By LyseljusLeps

Rampant Hostility Between Pokémon GO Players on Different Teams Inspires People to Create 'Team Harmony'

Via seoxys6

Tech Gadget of the Day: Pokémon Go! Plus Wearable For Sale Sept. 16th

trending new pokemon go wearable gadget shipping this week
Via BreatheCast
Pokémon news Video Game Coverage pokemon sun and moon pokemon battles video games nintendo - 849925

Nintendo Confirms These Seven New Pokémon Leaked Online for Pokémon Sun and Moon Are Legit!

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Secret Bases Confirmed!

news ORAS Video Game Coverage - 8249288704
By Unknown
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