Singers! Attack!

Music pokemon moves - 6888534528
Created by Fyrmer
Music original piano song theme Video - 23466753

Battle Theme on the Piano!!!

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Music Pokémon sandstorm darude Video - 67174913

Pokérude - Sandmon

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Music videos - 59051265

You Thought Lavender Town Was Scary? Now it's Just Awesome!

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And Then We Dance

Music quilava song - 5100109312
Created by MetaFruit

Is She a Rebel?

Music gameplay trainers - 7102297088
Created by eelan92
Music Pokémon medley - 60494849

Awesome Pokémon X/Y Medley!

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Music Pokémon videos medley minecraft - 58322689

Pokémon Medley Created in Minecraft Using Command Blocks

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Route 1 Nostalgia

memories Music nostalgia - 5785263360
Created by Sam ( Via Euge )

Queen Lyrics Crossed With Pokémon is Fantastic

lyrics queen Pokémon Music - 7938537472
Created by Unknown
best of week I wanna be the very best Music Pokémon Video - 29319425

Synthesized Pokémedley

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Music Pokémon videos parody funny smooth mcgroove - 50082817

This Pokémon Theme Parody Wins the Internet

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Music Pokémon videos - 54472449

The Pokémon Theme Song Done Right

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Music Pokémon parody - 58872577

I'm Not Too Old For Pokemon

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Music Pokémon dubstep videos - 55091969

Check Out this Awesome Pokémon Dubstep Remix

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Music Pokémon Video - 69280001

Encounter Themes Rule!

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