gameplay muk - 5934769408
Created by Unknown

We're Both Purple Blobs, But I'm Better

day care center ditto eggs muk - 6547496704
Via gaberian

Move Over Muk

anime muk - 8594528512
Created by Joshawott_

Weight - 3507.2 Pounds. What a Pokéman!

art missingno muk - 5160080384
Created by Artyom ( Via probertson.tumblr.com )

How Romantic!

pokemon memes take out the trash on a date
Via caz0

So Stylish

fashion Pokémon style muk - 8150978048
Created by Mistermascara

The Look Everyone's Dying For

hair IRL muk - 6418277120
Created by Tropius

Put the Other in Muk

muk tv-movies - 6357642496
Created by Rylanbegley

Clean Yourself Up, Muk

Pokémon wtf gross gameplay funny muk - 7482516224
Created by Dandroid

The Muk Who Would Be King

muk Pokébooks - 5102516480
Created by Mike298R

Bro Battle

bros graveler muk - 7146346752
Created by PictureLady

Gen 1 Elitist Charizard

garbage genwunner meme Memes muk - 6348565248
Created by Unknown

The Horror....

Pokémon scary muk wtf - 8221505536
Created by Bry615

Muk Needs Help Breeding

anime breeding muk professor oak TV tv-movies - 5323241216
Created by Unknown

And Muk Backwards Is...

art ekans IRL muk N - 5678264064
Created by jpjr17