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Dance, Dance

dance moves teams - 6675049728
Via scolipede

Mew: What a Boss

151 all the things gameplay gen I mew moves - 5071269632
Created by Kurtrill

Wrap Around That Growth

bellsprout Memes moves pokedex - 6037364736
Created by Unknown

Just Doesn't Cut It

moves Pokémon the internets - 6308280064
Created by Omega74

Three New Moves Discovered in Pokémon

Pokémon moves - 8147354368
Via Serebii

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

Pokémon in my pants moves - 7405980416

Feels Bad, Doesn't It?

Pokémon moves - 8540379904
Created by Guilherme.didi ( Via ItsYaBoyAsh )

Welcome to the World of Pokémon

Pokémon wtf moves amnesia - 7172635392

Poké Logic

fly moves - 8551949568
Created by ArmandoManning

This is What Happens When You Use the Wrong Moves

Battle dorkly moves comic - 7036042496


sharpedo moves seriously - 8415088384
Created by memefield

Move Combos

flamethrower meme Memes moves philosoarcheops water gun - 5912708864
See all captions Created by unown22

It is a Little Known Fact That Confuse Ray is a Haunter Type Move

Pokémon moves haunter confuse ray funny - 7482624512