Misty With Some Attitude

Pokémon cosplay misty - 8347406336
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Dear Game Freak

anime ash Game Freak misty the feels tv-movies - 6210080256

Still Not as Bad as Miltank

staryu misty battling - 8209166080
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Why Misty Actually Left

anime misty Pokémon pikachu SOON - 7255784704
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Pokémon World Problems

feebas meme Memes misty - 6494829568

When Your Dream Guy Finally Replys to Your Text

gifs misty - 8166380032
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I Could Have Caught Them All

video games geek feels FAIL pokeball misty - 8592876288
See all captions Created by Mamalugia

Wild Misty is Paralyzed! It Can't Move!

ash anime misty haunter - 8282753536
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Glad There's No Ash

driving lol Memes misty Pokémon pun - 5653656576
Created by PandaSprouts

Looking for the Moon Stone

misty dat ass moon stone - 8104269312
Created by mujahidf1

Stay Away From Dat Ash

pokemon memes soon pikachu
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Misty... You're Scaring Me!

scary wtf anime misty - 7394856192
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Adventure Time!

adventure time ash crossover misty pikachu - 5247949056

First World Pokémon Problems

first world pokemon probl First World Problems meme Memes misty pokemon problems - 6400038912

Misty, You've... Evolved...

cosplay girl misty outfit - 4969712384

The Tables Have Turned

anime ash gifs misty prepare for trouble Team Rocket tv-movies - 6202674944
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