Dear Game Freak

anime ash Game Freak misty the feels tv-movies - 6210080256
By Unknown

It's a Trap!

ash brock anime misty snickers - 8060464128
By Unknown

Insensitive Ash

ash Pokémon anime misty - 8075916800
By Unknown

Pokémon World Problems

feebas meme Memes misty - 6494829568
By Unknown

Still Not as Bad as Miltank

staryu misty battling - 8209166080
Via Irish_Pinapple7

You Know Misty Actually Likes Gary

gary comics misty - 7400418560
Via pinkfirefly

I Could Have Caught Them All

video games geek feels FAIL pokeball misty - 8592876288
See all captions By Mamalugia

Misty, You've... Evolved...

cosplay girl misty outfit - 4969712384
By Unknown

The Olympic Connection

IRL may misty olympics - 6472871424
By Unknown

Who Wore it Better?

IRL misty totally looks like - 8120762624
Via dschulz1031

Goodbye Memories

anime ash gifs goodbye memories misty Sad tv-movies - 6074871040
Via Pokemon-Planet

Ash Finally Caught Misty

ash comic cute misty pics pikachu shipping - 5873579776
By Unknown

Staryu I Choose You

cosplay staryu misty - 8745664256
By FapdomBase (Via mygeekgoddess)

Kinda Annoying

ash misty tv-movies - 5528893952
By lovesgoats

May Vs. Misty

Battle gifs may misty video game - 5443522816
By Unknown

Adventure Time!

adventure time ash crossover misty pikachu - 5247949056
By Unknown
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