Frisky Misty

ash misty tv-movies tv show - 5184603392
By randman22222

Glad There's No Ash

driving lol Memes misty Pokémon pun - 5653656576
By PandaSprouts

Misty Imitates Jessie and James

jessie anime misty james - 6847565824
Via kaiba-cave

Hey Ash... You Don't Earn Many of Your Badges

comic gym meme Memes misty - 6472183296
By HeyAsh

Going Back to Kanto Can Be a Pain

Memes misty lapras sing - 7340546304
By Unknown

Misty Cosplay FTW

awesome best of week cosplay IRL misty staryu underwater - 5230095360
Via struttergirls.tumblr.com

Misty Is Jealous

best of week meme Memes misty Team Rocket - 5125452288
By Unknown

Pokémon World Problems

feebas meme Memes misty - 6494829568
By Unknown

It Was Worth a Shot

brock misty Memes snickers - 7535853056
By Unknown

Misty... You're Scaring Me!

scary wtf anime misty - 7394856192
By Pichu007

Stay Away From Dat Ash

pokemon memes soon pikachu
Via rainbow2200

Insensitive Ash

ash Pokémon anime misty - 8075916800
By Unknown

Why Misty Actually Left

anime misty Pokémon pikachu SOON - 7255784704
Via cat_rocket

Staryu I Choose You

cosplay staryu misty - 8745664256
By FapdomBase (Via mygeekgoddess)

This Pikachu is Exactly to Scale

ash cosplay brock misty pikachu - 8335109888
Via yoshistunts

Clefairy I Choose You

clefairy misty dat ass - 8604903680
By memefield
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