Eff the Police

gyarados manga lysandre - 8207077888
Created by CutieFennekin ( Via foolz )

How to Stop Evolution

manga tepig Pokémon - 8268733440
Via Zamochy

Rotting Corpses 'n' Child Murderers

Pokémon bad luck brian Memes manga - 7025351680
Created by David_the_Bored

Why People Love Pokémon Special

ruby manga - 6994117120

Pokémon: Classic Manga Moment

Pokémon manga - 8004302592
Created by TeenageMutantNinjaTrachemysScriptaElegans ( Via Jb2448 )

So Hardcore

arbok manga omg rage comic - 6587017984
Created by Chafuter

May is Hardcore

manga may - 8361166336
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Oh My...

Pokémon wtf manga tentacool - 8461532416
Via Pokemon Manga

I Know Your Feel, Red

comic idiots interview manga red - 5727120128

Things are a Little Different in the Manga

pokemon memes anime vs manga

If Only...

3DS art awesome manga nintendo ds - 5725396992
Created by iheartmegusta

Found This Gem While Reading Pokémon Adventures

manga Pokémon - 8015536384
Via manga.animea

What Dad Doesn't Know Can't Hurt Him

pokemon memes you're a weenie
Via netflixand-kill

Pokémon Fandom Pet Peeves

anime ash fandom manga Memes red - 6003505408
Created by rocket_lawnchair

Watch Out, We Actually Have a Badass Over Here

anime awesome Badass best of week comic manga red - 5603459072
Created by steve3
Pokémon list translation comics team magma cute relationships manga dating - 362245

This Story About Dating a Team Magma Grunt is Too Darn Cute

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