Looks Like Someone Got a Top Percentage Magikarp

magikarp gameplay - 7712884480
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Studying is Like Being a Magikarp

studying school magikarp gifs - 7420610816
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But Nothing Happened

IRL magikarp post its SOON splash - 5797743872
Created by Uncia-chan

When You Take Away the Splash What's Left?

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Don't Be Sad

gyarados IRL lol magikarp - 5679932416
Created by Unknown

But Nothing Happened

art kristen stewart magikarp splash - 5160110336
Created by Unknown
photoshop battle pokemon

Buff Magikarp is Making a Splash

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At Least Splash Does Something IRL

arceus couples girlfriend IRL magikarp splash - 6378921216
Created by Unknown

This Proves Everyone Has Massive Potential

gyarados school magikarp potential - 7061967360
Created by Lucky810

So I Splashed My Way to Level 20

god gyarados magikarp - 4878465024
Created by evilweasel24

I Should Use All of My Lvl. 100 Magikarp

Pokémon magikarp - 8281636864
Created by YakuzaDuragon

From Bad to Badass in One Level

gyarados art magikarp - 7680451584
Created by DineshThePoet ( Via e926.net )

Heck Yeah, Magikarp!

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Magikarp is God

magikarp shinies arceus - 7564612352
Created by DineshThePoet

Be Prepared for Mega Magikarp

feebas art magikarp gifs dragonball z - 7753860352
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Sorry You Had to Hear It From Me

best of week Father gameplay magikarp - 5934589184
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