If Pokémon Was Like Skyrim

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Created by Unknown

Machoke Connecting to His Emotional Side

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Created by BulletSoulKid

Machoke, I Raised You Better Than This!

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Who Exactly Are You Speaking To?

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Makes Sense

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Created by jessejaw

Peter Just Realized

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Created by 7ia

One of the Problems With Pokémon-Amie

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Created by PhilLovesPorygonZ

I Love You Man!

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Created by TheLordReylus

Battling Pokémon is Cruel

Pokémon machoke paralyzed cruel disable - 7303210496
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Throw a Poké Ball!

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I Can See It...

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Just Don't Look in the Mirror

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Created by Unknown

Look at Those Gentle Hands

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The Tastiest Pokémon

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Created by Dragonlord82

This Isn't Even My Final Form!

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Created by ProffessorOak

Stupid Sexy Machoke

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