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Nants Oshawott Bagithi Baba

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Created by AlanTheDuck

Oh, I Just Can't Wait to Evolve!

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Created by PinkieShy

Disney's Version of Shiny Litleo

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Created by ShrugsMcMeh

The Circle of Top Percentage Rattata

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No One Saying Stop That

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Created by Unknown

The Mane Event

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Created by Songbird808 ( Via sbooc )

What a Horrible Phrase

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Pokémon lion king Video - 69306113

Why 3D Pokémon is a More Emotional Experience

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King of Viridian Forest

crossover lion king Pokémemes - 6104130560

The Luxray King

Fan Art lion king - 8474665472
Created by SwenaNation

Just Can't Wait to Be King

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Long Live the King

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The Circle of Life

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Created by Unknown

The Circle of Life

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Created by RedGreene

Long Live the King

crossover Fan Art lion king slowpoke - 8536530176

Long Live the King

lion king Pokémon super smash bros pikachu - 8330272000
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