No More Mr. Nice

Pokémon kyogre legendaries groudon - 8396653824
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Don't Ask Questions

flying legendaries - 8346003200
Created by Luchabro

Itty Bitty Legendaries

pokemon memes legendaries fan art
Via kirara-cecilvenes

If Ash Had a Legendary

ash comics legendaries - 7796296192
Created by badgrahics ( Via Bad Graphics )

I Approve of These Legendaries

art legendaries yveltal cute xerneas - 7155784448
Via 0410

They Laughed at Me Once

fusion wtf legendaries bidoof dead - 6937666304
Created by Unknown

The GTS is So Annoying

annoying gameplay GTS legendaries reshiram trading - 6260770816
Created by Unknown

Legendary Fools

Pokémon legendaries - 8434342400
Created by MewtwoEx ( Via cadaska )

I Can't Pre-order X or Y Until I Decide Whether I Like Xerneas or Yveltal More

legendaries Memes confession teddiursa video games - 6975753216
Created by Megamean09

I Think You Are Forgetting Something

gen III ORAS kyogre legendaries groudon - 8225731840
Via adamaster20

Legendary Cats

dogs legendaries Cats - 6908791296
Created by Unknown

Secret Grass Starters

Pokémon legendaries grass - 8151090176
Created by swampytheswampert ( Via Cheezburger for iOS )

Hipster Primal Dialga

dialga legendaries hipster primal - 8278451968
Created by MudkipMaster

Battle of the Little Legends

cute Fan Art legendaries - 8249846272
Created by Russ Smith ( Via rsltd )

Mega Mewtwo Y Mixed With Yveltal and Xerneas

Pokémon legendaries yveltal xerneas mega mewtwo y - 7979123968
Created by Unknown

Just Another Day for Arceus

arceus gifs legendaries - 8204781312
Created by pegasistre-12
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