Joke Time With Kyogre

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Via albinosamosa

Keep Away! Keep Away!

Fan Art kyogre groudon rayquaza - 8393276416
Created by DRCEQ ( Via Pixiv )

Primal Tuna Confirmed

Pokémon ORAS kyogre - 8353271040
Created by DeltaFlame

Just Girly Things

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Via TeamMagmaGrunt

The Hoenn Legendary Trio Decides to Hang Out

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Via Pokesho

My Life is Over

pokemon memes kyogre faints
Via eleanart-approved

Shots Fired

kyogre groudon - 8323950848
Created by Miss_Goku_lover
kyogre groudon ORAS - 64576769

New Video of Groudon and Kyogre Going Through Their Primal Reversions

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When You Get Caught Smooching

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Created by Luchabro

The Very Best Slip-ons

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Via breck-fisting

Kyogre Used I Don't Even Know What

pokemon memes kyogre spinning gif
Via silverjolteon

Locked in an Eternal Struggle

pokemon memes kyogre groudon cracker fight
Via yuurei508

Just Across the Ocean

kyogre the internets weather - 6440300544
Created by Johnny1488

Legendary, Who Cares

3rd gen fishing gameboy advance groudon kyogre Memes - 5783680512

Archie's True Love

team aqua kyogre - 8272659200
Created by NintenisIrrelevant

That's One Way You Could Look at It

gen III kyogre legendaries TV groudon rayquaza - 7072043264
Created by Allshields
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