The Next Generation

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So What Have We Learned Today, Kids?

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This Dad Sent His Daughter Letters as Pikachu, and He Wins for the Day

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No Other Kid Was Ever as Free as That Dude

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Kids Have It Easy Nowadays

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Yep, That's What He Meant, Kids

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He Was Right All Along

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This Pokémon Tombstone Will Fill You With Feels

Sad Pokémon feels kids - 7836419584
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Never Forget

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Stop Saying Pokégaymon!

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Ladies, Discard Two Energy Cards and Your Clothes

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Where It All Started

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By pjcottonstar

Bring Your Link Cable

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Putin Did the Absolute Worst Thing to a Pokémon Trainer

Sad kids IRL save file - 7048344320
By OutrageousKoala
pokemon theme kids cute Video - 43682817

Korean Kindergarten Singing the Pokémon Theme

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Kids Don't Care

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By RasterHatz
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