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We loved

The Drunken Moogle's

recipes for

water-type drinks

last week. We found the recipes for the Moogle's grass-type drinks. We're holding out for the fire-types coming soon.

Bulbasaur- 1/2 shot lime vodka 1/4 shot lime juice 1/4 shot melon liqueur Simply mix all three ingredients into a shot glass.

Ivysaur- 1 shot lime vodka 1 shot lime juice 1 shot melon liqueur 1 shot sprite Shake all ingredients and pour over ice in a rocks glass. Add a stem of mint as a garnish.

Venusaur- 1 Bulbasaur 1 Ivysaur 1 shot lime vodka 1 shot lime juice 1 shot sprite Finally, to evolve to the Venusaur cocktail, shake a Bulbasaur shot together with an Ivysaur cocktail, along with an additional shot of lime vodka, lime juice, and sprite, and pour over ice into a highball glass. Again, add a few leaves of mint as a garnish.