It's the 'Gram. An entire generation of lazy kids has turned a social media platform into a successful lifestyle. Where was this when we worked at gas stations and movie theaters. It is a craze that has swept the world and left little privacy in its wake. Show check out some of the best Insta memes and gifs and everything in between and satisfy that urge to add a Story.

Pikachu Has His Own Instagram!

pokemon memes pikachu instagram
Via Pikachu's Instagram

Pokémon Snap in the Instagram Age

pokemon memes todd snap
Via erikaschnellert

Courage the Cowardly Dog Meets More Pokémon

Pokémon instagram - 8393627648
Via diasapacibles
Pokémon videos instagram pokemon snap parodies - 57834497

Pokémon Instagram

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Wendys Blasting Off at the Speed of Light

fast food instagram Pokémon Team Rocket - 8220546816
Via wendys

I'll Deal With Anything if We Could Get Another Pokémon Snap

anime instagram pokemon snap pikachu funny - 7439891456
By NewNoise3672 (Via Sleepy Cyndaquil)

Look Out, There's an Instagram Hipster Over Here

Pokémon hipsters instagram gameplay - 7374223360
By Unknown