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HMs Explained

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How Many People Did This?

hms Pokémon game boy flash - 7599592960
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Ride ALL the Pokémon

hms Pokémon funny - 7485763328
Created by McClellan

Parent Pokétrainer Problems

hms meme Memes pokemon problems - 6497507840
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I Quit

hms rage comic Rage Comics victory road - 6226807296
Created by Unknown

Pokémon Can't Unlearn HMs in 1st Gen...

catch family guy gameboy hms meme mew rage comic Rage Comics Reframe - 5229563136
Created by simandl

Inspirational People All Have HM04

hms strength - 7937263616
Created by alspawn

Better Get a Water/Flying Type

fly hms meme pidgeot waterfall - 5344213248
Created by 8Salocin0 ( Via cheezburger.com )

Please, Please, Tell Me You Have HM05 Flash

pickup lines hms - 7707471360
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America Can Learn All HMs and is Still a Viable Pokémon

hms Pokémon gameplay america - 7852757504
Created by Unknown

Pokémon Abuse

abuse fly hms meme Memes pidgeot Pokémon - 5181172224
See all captions Created by elguaro3

Just HM03'ing the Internet

hms Pokémon surf lapras - 7592483328
Created by murhad.masabbir

Trolling With Barboach

hms Pokémon trolling web comics - 8445089024
Created by Luchabro

HM Dive Returning in X and Y?

hms Pokémon hoenn confirmed dive pokemon smash - 7685064448
Created by Unknown

Why Pokémon Can Use HMs After Fainting

christianity hms jesus Pokémon the internets - 6095426304
Created by Unknown

Not Even as a Kid

hms Pokémon cut - 7593299456
Created by Guilherme.didi
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