gym leader

On Hard Mode...

gameplay gym leader misty question quiz - 5974233344
Created by PeppermintDreams

Flannery's Giving Me a Heat Badge

Pokémon gifs gym leader - 8412197632
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via killercafe )

Gym Leader Bane

bane batman best of week fly gym leader meme Memes - 6451181056

The Gym Leader That Pewter City Needs

anime brock gym leader meme Memes - 6078910720
Via ThatParanoidTeenager

Gym Leader Friend Chart

Chart facebook friends gym leader the internets - 6476503296
Created by J-stin

Water Pulse

water gym leader - 6936854784
Created by masterfeja

Stupid Sexy Wallace

gym leader wallace clothing - 8397134848
Via wanlingnic

Rihanna (The Dark Gym Leader)

gym leader rihanna - 8562469632
Created by toxicsquall ( Via green-glasses )

Stupid Sexy Surge

booty gym leader Memes - 5686624768
Created by jpjr17

Good Guy Gym Leader

full restore gym leader meme Memes milotic - 5675003392
Created by Neogen


best of week full restore FUUUUU gym leader mother Rage Comics - 5202734080

What a Chump Move

gameboy gym leader Rage Comics - 4997929984
Via lilllymon.tumblr.com

I'm Sorry, But Our Gym Leader is in Another Gym!

Pokémon gym leader gameplay meme mario - 6749084672

Too Easy!

rock gym leader - 6773256960
Created by AP3000

When Whitney's Gym is Ashes

bane cry gym leader Memes miltank rollout whitney - 6516381184
Created by fusionbolt15

Saffron New Gym Leader?

sabrina theories pokestar studios gym leader - 6847439872
Created by LeVeya
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