Nature of Energy

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By Luchabro (Via 東みなつ@5月けもケ参加)

Locked in an Eternal Struggle

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Via yuurei508

Let's Flood the Seas and Expand the Lands... WITH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!

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Via Know Your Meme

Brutal Throw

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By Luchabro

Mega Groudon Confirmed

Fan Art godzilla groudon - 8194626048
Via SacredWater

Master of Land My Ass!

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By Houndoom-Kaboom (Via houndoom-kaboom)

Some Things Never Change

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By Houndoom-Kaboom (Via houndoom-kaboom)

Long Lost Lineage

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By Unknown

It's Tough to Babysit

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By Luchabro

I Gotta Change My Pants

scary IRL groudon reality - 6819258112
By Unknown


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Via FrankthePug

Reboot... Remake... Same Thing

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By Sosuke

Shiny Resetting in a Nutshell

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Via Latiar

When You Get Caught Smooching

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By Luchabro

I Always Thought the Fight Between Groudon and Kyogre Was Really One-sided

kyogre not fair groudon - 8136760320
By ThJake

Why Would You Do This to Yourself?

SpongeBob SquarePants Memes groudon - 7410568704
By megapew_wagwag