Mewtwo is Not Amused

super smash bros greninja - 8146875136
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via dragonith )

The New Top Tier Smash Bros.

Pokémon OU super smash bros charizard greninja - 8140010752
Created by CorySays

Hug Rejection

cute hugs greninja substitute - 8441005824
Created by Luchabro

Ninja Flash

Pokémon super smash bros gifs greninja - 8139844608
Created by Sosuke

Smash Bros. 4 Gets Characters Tweaked

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Created by Hiddenfreezer

What an Amazing Skill He Has

super smash bros greninja - 8143243520
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via null )

Mewtwo? NOPE!

mewtwo super smash bros trolling Smeargle greninja - 8173170176
Created by MegaManLight

Sassy Starters

fennekin chespin Fan Art greninja - 8315830272
Via ecokitty

Stop What?

stop greninja - 8267864576
Created by FatherofGray ( Via yellowfur )

Make a Splash

pokemon memes froakie log ride
Via gottacatchemall

The Real Reason Mewtwo Didn't Came Back

Pokémon mewtwo greninja - 8146865664
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Greninja, You're Hilarious

Pokémon greninja - 8078215424
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via weirda208 )

Greninja's Tongue Beats Everything

miley cyrus greninja - 7984749056
Created by Carchomp

Dammit, Greninja

super smash bros greninja - 8140427776
Created by PlasmoidThunder ( Via null )

Greninja is Perfect as a Team Flare Grunt

team flare greninja - 7876221184

Outdated, but Highly Enjoyable Nonetheless

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