What Happens When You Pick Up Pokémon Again for the First Time as an Adult

pokemon memes playing pokemon expectations vs reality
Via Dorkly

All Pokémon Are Pokémon

generation genluvvers genwunners Pokémon the internets - 6261448192
Created by CB_Ranso

Damn Genluvvers

back in my day black and white genluvvers genwunners Memes - 6202882304
Created by Unknown

Deal With It, Genwunners

gen VI gifs genwunners nostalgia mewtwo - 7283695104
Created by LJPhil

Genwunners Try to Ruin Our Moments

genwunners gtfo rage comic Rage Comics ruined - 6103251968
Created by Unknown

What Say You?

genwunners judge real - 6687445760
Created by Unknown

Genwunner Logic

Pokémon genwunners the simpsons - 8037963008
Created by macandcheez1 ( Via ScytherHugs )

The First Mistake

god genwunners - 6699642368
Created by Giovanni

Deal With It

gen VI genwunners fairy type pokemon x/y - 7561104640
Created by DineshThePoet

No Reason to Hate the New Pokémon

Pokémon genwunners genluvvers - 7565196288
Created by TheKeaton

A Response to the Genwunners

best of week comic first gen genwunners objection Rage Comics - 5961743872
Created by Unknown

When Kids Talk About Pokémon

bane meme genwunners - 6662976768
Created by Unknown

You Haet Fifth Gen?

anime fifth gen genwunners tv-movies - 6104217088
Created by Unknown

Let's Not Fight at Dinner

pokemon memes grandma genwunner
Via pokegraphic

Generation Reversal

generation genluvvers genwunners role reversal the internets - 6250324480
Created by Unknown

True Pokémon Fans

best of week fans genwunners the internets - 6005183488
Created by Unknown
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