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You ARE the Very Best

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Team Rocket Psyduck anime genius - 6894562560
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Genius Game Freak!

fan Game Freak genius rotom - 6542760960
By Lightning7

One Step Ahead of Game Freak, Three Steps Behind Common Knowledge

genius legendaries meme Memes sarcasm - 5871118080
By chadd990

They Have Tiny Little Umbrellas

gameplay genius - 6338231296
By Guilherme.didi

Shiny Population Increases by 8000

shiny arceus genius - 6710957568
By RobinGMS

Game Freak is Not Lazy at All

Game Freak genius sequel blackwhite-2 - 6687271936
By Unknown

Ash is a Genius

ash anime genius Pokémon - 8116466944
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A Great Nickname Until It Evolves

comic genius grimer nickname - 6493921792
By Perfect_Hatred

I'm a Genius!

genius meme perfect Pokémemes - 6551968512
See all captions By Weedul

I'm Going to Need Some Extra Time on This One

question brock nintendo 64 genius - 6842864384
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What a Genius

genius krabby Memes slowpoke - 6179885568
By Unknown

This Should Definitely Be a Thing

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Ur an Idiot

pokemon logic genius - 7745139968
By Unknown

Pokéwood Logic

pokestar studios gameplay blackwhite-2 genius - 6822979072
By DonWei

Ur a Genius

fusion genius haunter Memes pokefusion - 6393335296
By Jason88