Gengar the Hedgehog

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By Happyfrozenfire

A Hard Learned Lesson About the Internet

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Cheshire Gengar

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By tamaleknight

The Cheshire Cat, and Other Gengar Variations

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I'm Being Taken Over by Fear

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All Gengar Retreat!

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I Don't Want This Silph Scope Anymore

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How to Make a Pokémon Bookmark in Five Easy Steps

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Didn't Notice When I Was Ten Years Old

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Too Many Gengar

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These 15 Pokémon Might Be Adorable, But They're Also Kind of Terrifying

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Ancient/Giant Pokémon

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By BudokaiGamer

And You Thought Your Coworkers Were Weird

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After Seeing Mega Gengar Stand Up...

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Greninja and Gengar Discover the Internet

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I Would Never Let Him Out

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