Mind Possibly Blown

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By Femista

Special Promotion for the Upcoming Movie "Extremespeed Genesect - Mewtwo's Awakening"

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She's Blushing

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What Happens When a Captioning Challenge is Accepted

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By Lookupyouidiot

So Sad

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By Unknown

Genesect is Looking Really Slick

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Mewtwo's Transformation Into its New Form

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Mewtwo Vs. Genesect

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Transform and Roll Out

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No Pokémon Can Stand Up Against Mewtwo

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Gen VI Might Be Just Around the Corner

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By Clucknadus

Everything is Better With Hugs

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By DiamondDragonFrost

Genesect is Finally Officially Revealed

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By Clucknadus

Genesect is the Savior of Bugs

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No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can't Kill a Pokémon

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