gen I

That One Jerk on Route 3

Battle gen I rage trainer - 5019267328
By canine2021

Classic: Ask Her Out

gameplay gen I red romance - 5060602880
By Tealeaf

Awesome (or Terrible) Choice of Pokémon Names

Evolve gameboy gen I names - 4976460032
By sammm

Unsolved Mysteries

gen I truck wtf - 4976952576
By kelly

Yo Brother!

blastoise brother gen I squirtle - 4973956352
By Unknown

I Wanna Be the Very Best...

gen I graph IRL original Theme Song - 5046081024
By Gardevoir_Gurl

Make it Stop

aerodactyl art gen I gtfo no - 5084585472
By Unknown

Mew: What a Boss

151 all the things gameplay gen I mew moves - 5071269632
By Unknown

1-151 in 1:30

gen I gifs original Pokémans - 5020635136
By Richsponge

These May or May Not Be Sponges...

art gen I IRL starter - 5121106688
Via squirtledogg.tumblr.com

"Sassy" Should Be an Attack Move

abra Deal With It gen I geodude tentacruel weepinbell - 4942138624
By Unknown