gen 5

Makes Sense

gen 5 machoke muscles Pokémans scrafty - 5538714368
Created by jessejaw

It's Only a Demon That Eats People

anime frillish gen 5 scary TV tv-movies - 5961347072
Created by David_the_Bored

Not so Comfy and Easy to Wear

gen 5 Fan Art hilda - 8466360576

We Can't Have Fun With Gen V?

gen 2 gen 5 pokemon black rage comic Rage Comics - 5937406464
Created by Marcel Ziarnetzky

Snuggie Party

pokemon memes team plasma snuggie party
Via photoshop and chocolate

McKayla is Not Impressed With Gen Five

gen 5 meme Memes olympics vanillish - 6497261056
Created by MisterBri
gen 5 scrafty vanillite Video - 30523905

Everyone's Reaction to Vanillite

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Haters, You Make Victini Cry

cry gen 5 haters Sad tv-movies victini - 6120170240
Created by Omega74

Or Will the Hate Transfer?

gen 5 gen 6 meme new pokemon philosoarcheops - 6559951104
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Finally, a Use for Vanilluxe

alakazam gen 5 ice cream Pokémans vanilluxe - 5439524352

To be a Pokemon Master, You Must Complete Your Bachelors

biology gen 5 school - 8317940224
Created by Unknown

Sailor Trainer

art crossover gen 5 girl sailor moon trainer - 6231935488
Via pixiv

A Sequel Was Planned All Along

conspiracy keanu Game Freak gen 5 meme Memes sequel - 6260830464

And Tastes So Yummy

forever alone gen 5 meme Memes vanillite - 5658989312