gen 1

Didn't Notice When I Was Ten Years Old

gen 1 gengar Memes opening redblue - 5855840256
Created by Unknown

Hipster Pokémon Green

gen 1 sitting - 8469090304
Created by _Elizabeth_

You Want Me to Choose...One of Those?

pokemon memes derpy starters
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Pokémon gen 1 - 75827969

Gotta Buy 'Em All!

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Le Wild Rage Face Appear!

gen 1 lol Memes rage faces - 5532102912
Created by fujissj3

Fandom Base: Gotta Mold 'em All

crafts gen 1 Pokémon - 6591651840
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A Wild Red Appeared

art awesome gen 1 red video games - 5590565376
Created by Unknown

Sharpedo's Evolution?

anime fossils gen 1 kabutops sharpedo tv-movies - 5683045120
Created by BonesCollector

Stop Looking Through Your Rose Colored Glasse

Pokémon gen 1 - 8422688512
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Digimon Fused Before You Say?

comparison digimon evolution gen 1 Pokémon the internets - 6382365696
Created by Unknown

Genwunners, Unite!

gen 1 - 8586118912
Created by Travis_Touchdown

Not Sure if Awesome or Game Freak Ran Out of Ideas

best of week Game Freak gen 1 Memes munna pink reference - 5505275136
Created by Unknown

Arcanine Had the Best Gen 1 Sprite

Pokémon arcanine gen 1 - 8427609600
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art starters cute gen 1 - 6929057024
Created by Gemkeeper333

Not That! Anything But That!

clefairy elite 4 gen 1 metronome Rage Comics - 5618202368
Created by Unknown

The Classics

pokemon memes generation 1 fan art
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